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With women living longer on average than men, statistically you are more likely to end up living alone at some point in your life. Yet many women are failing to take the necessary steps with their finances.

Whilst the number of professional businesswomen continues to increase, women are still more likely to take a career break to raise a family, placing emphasis on the need for long-term financial independence.

Therefore, it is important for women to preserve what they earn while they are working to ensure they are financed in times when they are not.

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  • Women tend to leave investing to their partner
  • Women tend to think of their money as benefiting their family
  • Women tend to earn less and live longer

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  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions about financial planning
  • Talk out loud about money
  • Protect yourself, your income and your retirement nest egg
  • Get your estate affairs in order
  • Plan for every eventuality…
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With careful planning now; you can significantly improve your future.

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Senior Financial Planner
Senior Financial Planner
Aycan Richards says:
“The importance of having an understanding of your personal financial situation should never be underestimated. As professional business women, we have experienced first-hand the unique lifestyle and economic issues women in the 21st century face, meaning we are perfectly placed to help you.
Our female advisers are amongst some of the most qualified and experienced in our industry.

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