Repatriation seminar a great success

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With Brexit firmly on the horizon, how this affects Brits that intend to return to the UK remains a hot topic.

Bloomsbury Services and Consultancy recently held a seminar covering this subject at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Doha. Hosted by Aycan Richards, one of our leading consultants, and guest Pensions Specialist Darren Jones, the event explained how those who are planning to repatriate soon or at some point in the future can benefit from effective tax planning.

The fully booked seminar also discussed the benefits of planning ahead for those who may never repatriate but have a UK connection such as a pension or may have a UK domicile.

If you were unable to attend, you can book your free meeting with Aycan now to find out how YOU can plan for repatriation now, and;
  • What UK property owners should consider with Capital gains tax
  • The effect being a UK domicile can have on Inheritance Tax, even if you never repatriate
  • The benefits of inheritance tax planning when married to a Non-UK domiciled spouse
  • How planning in advance can minimise income tax and capital gain tax in the UK
  • The truth about UK pension options whilst living overseas… and more
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