Bloomsbury Services and Consultancy specialise in lifestyle financial planning and wealth management services to UK expats and international investors in Qatar. By retaining independence through private ownership, Bloomsbury is able to work purely in the interests of clients and such independence is the foundation on which Bloomsbury has been built.

Our Services

Inheritance Tax Planning

What will you leave behind? It's not a subject most of us care to think about, but getting the right advice is imperative to make sure your wealth is passed to the ones you love efficiently and quickly.

International Pensions

Understanding your international pension benefits can be difficult at the best of times but with recent legislative changes there could be opportunities, and indeed threats, to your existing pensions. Arm yourself with the facts

Wealth Protection

While you are accumulating your wealth, it's essential to ensure you properly protect it. Your health and life is vital to your earnings potential and the future of your family. Without properly protecting your finances, you may be putting them at risk.

Regular Savings Plans

Saving is a great habit to get into. And it's even more important when you're living and working abroad. Aside from the lifestyle and experience, many expats work in Qatar because the salaries can be significantly higher and taxes potentially lower, so it’s a great opportunity to save while you’re away.

Retirement Planning

For many, the idea of retirement planning is overwhelming, and yet for others they simply believe it’s too far away to consider doing something about To provide for an average retirement pension most require upwards of 25 years’ of savings, therefore it is never too early to start planning if you’d like to maintain the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to achieve

Education Fee Planning

Safeguard your children's future. Bloomsbury already helps families just like yours to meet the increasing costs of school and university fees abroad. So whilst you enjoy your career abroad, rest assured that your children are getting the best education possible.



News & Featured Posts

Our financial advisors regularly post interesting and informative blogs on matters that they think are relevant to you as a UK expat in Qatar.

Weekly Market Review - 03 June 2019
Weekly Market Review - 03 June 2019
Global economic data this week has been mixed but overall it is clear that global economies are slowing a little and during times like this we get…...
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Weekly Market Review - 20 May 2019
Weekly Market Review - 20 May 2019
This week has been all about tariffs and Iran. Although concerning, equity markets are more or less flat on the week but bond yields are down a…...
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Weekly Market Review - 13 May 2019
Weekly Market Review - 13 May 2019
Global equities are flat on the week but Chinese stocks are down some 5% after officials said on Monday the success of their stimulus package meant…...
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Regulated advice for expats in Qatar

Bloomsbury is authorised in the State of Qatar by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce. This authorisation allows Bloomsbury to provide financial consultancy services to international investors. Bloomsbury also enforces their own internal regulation and compliance functions to exceed and surpass client and regulator expectations, whilst working to the spirit of UK regulations.


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